No News Is Good News

If I see Donald Trump’s face or hear his voice, green Jell-O might come shooting out of my eyes and ears. In short, I can’t take it anymore.


“On an island in the sun/We’ll be planning having fun/And it makes me feel so fine/I can’t control my brain!”

Out of Touch

Just passing a stranger while walking my dog, they are afraid to say hello. As if opening their mouth to speak will open them to infection. It will bring them bad luck to interact in any way. I don’ t think they understand this ‘social distancing’ so well, after all.

Six Degrees of Joblessness

Joblessness: a word I have dissected with my students, a word I know backwards and forwards, but not for these reasons. This word is getting closer to me, one degree of separation at a time.

A Story From the Future

“In the year 2020, a reality TV show host will be president of the United States and a global pandemic will shut the world down, the streets will be empty and children will go to school on their computers…” This sounds like stories we were told but didn’t exactly believe.

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